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Tears Infused With Sorrow [entries|friends|calendar]
red wine and sleeping pills

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Dreaming [with]in Subtitles [25 Apr 2014|12:09pm]
with tears in his throat he said his daughter's[s'] name[s]
their response later were similar- to use their hands.
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[18 Dec 2012|02:16pm]
Let us take a moment to peer into what we 'love,'
while the wisdom teeth grow
the Christmas tree absent in the |home|.
the gums swollen to hinder any ingestion-
[the jaw will not allow substance], only with the head down at bow can one place the communion in one’s mouth. Only wine for three days- let us rest and reflect on this precious year, 2012.
We hang our heads low to reduce the fever that swells.
Let us pray for those whom are uneasy and third-eye absent.
let us wear gold and celebrate the black on black closed eyed visuals.
let the vibrations ease your worries.
touching the index finger to the jaw- massaging the ear bones.
the mantra from lord Shiva coaxes the regrouping.
Cleansing the soul before the reincarnation while the ovaries bleed out into water,
and his sister’s expecting of a little boy on the eve of Christmas day.

brush strokes to scrape the skull.
head toss to throw the hair.
as the crescent moon rises she holds the fountain to cleanse
pointing at each direction that needed a rinse.
the black swan meets the white.
but the gold dost that prevail
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[04 Oct 2012|03:46pm]
at the distance where
a lawnmower sounds like
a plane.
blink my eyes twice to gauge
the shutter speed
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reflection ripples [04 Oct 2012|12:46pm]
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august 8th [31 Aug 2012|05:20pm]

Two. too. to. [[[today]]] when

all seemed wild and outta sorts-

i looked up to the sky for guidance (only to find that)

the moon was directly |\|above my feet|/| in half and uPside down.

NOW- august 30th the full moon approaches

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